At Laminar Fly our mission is to provide anglers with prime sight fishing opportunities for the hard fighting fish of Belize. We are blessed with a vast and varied fishery made up of mangrove islands, shorelines and channels, as well as endless miles of crystal clear sandy flats.


The 'Ghost of the flats', lightning fast, and plentiful in Belize, Bonefish can be caught on fly rods or spinning gear. 


Often frustratingly obstinate, Permit are seen by many as the pinnacle of the flats species. Powerful, intelligent and very stealthy.


Known as 'The Silver King', Tarpon, once hooked are powerful and acrobatic adversaries, bring your A-game.

Other Species

Barracuda, Jacks, Snapper, African Pompano, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Snook and others are found, depending on conditions.

Fly Fishing

We focus on the flats species, Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon in a quest for the elusive 'Grand Slam'.

Spin Fishing

Apart from fly fishing, we also offer inshore reef fishing, back-country lagoon fishing, or fishing for table species such as Snapper. Or have the guide prepare it fresh on a secluded beach.